2nd Distribution Committee

In November 2013 a 2nd Distribution Committee of the Sandy Hook School Support Fund was created to begin the work of looking at the unmet needs of the community and those most impacted by the tragedy in both the short and long term. The Committee is comprised of individuals who are Newtown/Sandy Hook residents and bring perspectives that are unique to how they were impacted by the tragedy.  Current members of this group are Kevin Cragin (lifelong Newtown resident and member of the Fire Commission), Karen Kravec (Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Newtown parent), Pastor Rob Morris (Pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church and Newtown parent), Bob Schmidt (Licensed Professional Counselor and advocate for the surviving eyewitness children & their families), Curtis Urbina (Sandy Hook parent), Janet Vollmer (retired Sandy Hook School teacher), Jim Viadero (Newtown Chief of Police), Cheyanne Wirtz (mother of Allison Wyatt who died tragically at Sandy Hook School).

The Committee is charged with soliciting public input and making decisions on funding allocations granted by the Board of Directors. The Committee has distributed three community wide surveys and has issued reports on their findings and recommendations.

For an overview of spending from the Sandy Hook School Support Fund to date, please click here –SHSSF Spending YTD. This information is updated and posted monthly. For a list of grants, please click visit our Grants Awards page.