Donations can be made to either the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation or to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

  • Donations made directly to the Foundation are unrestricted and used in part to support the administration of the Sandy Hook School Support Fund (SHSSF) so that as little, if any, administrative costs come from the SHSSF itself.  Administrative costs include oversight of the Collaborative Recovery Fund which pays the out of pocket mental health expenses for those eligible who have been most impacted by the tragedy.
  • Donations made to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund must be unrestricted.  All future distributions of donations from this fund will be used to support unmet needs in the community and those impacted by the events of 12/14/12.  Funding decisions are made through a distribution committee made up entirely of Newtown residents and representatives from the most impacted groups with public input.

Donations to either the Foundation or the Fund can be sent to the NSHCF, 2 Washington Square, Newtown, CT 06470 or electronically through Network for Good at